Those who value fish are greeted with different marine species sold at affordable prices.

Idenau, a small low lying area geographically pitched on the foot of Mount Fako by the north, and bordered to its south by a long stretch of pretty sandy coastlines is a major Fishing zone in the South West Region, with a reliable sea route to neighbouring African countries and a potential heart of tourism in Cameroon. Access to these villages is through the creeks or by high sea.

For those who love tours, Idenau is a "must visit" endpoint. Here, you will come face to face with an interminable body of the Atlantic Ocean that hosts the whale and the shark, you will shake hands with bands of heroic fishermen, daring enough to dine with the sea gods; and from their nets you will discern the strangest creatures that inhabit the swamp of the earth.

For those who value fish, Idenau is the market place. You will be greeted with assorted species of shrimps, the barracuda, hair tail, catfish and other species which are sold at affordable prices. Here, the CFA Franc, the Nigerian Naira and the US Dollar sell most. For hospitality, you will meet a fine blend of humans, ranging from the local administrators to ordinary men and women. You will meet Nigerians, Ghanaians, Malians, Equatorial Guineans Togolese and several other nationals who find Idenau an arena of comfort.