Movement of persons and their goods from one place to the other have risen geometrically with the advent of holiday. Here are some safety tips you must consider before, during and after a journey.


One of the things you must remember to take along with you when travelling alone or with children during this holiday season is your identification papers notably the national identity card, driving license for drivers or passport. Be humble enough, whatever the situation, to present it to security operatives at check points.


Whether in a commercial bus, train or flight asks for a ticket after paying your fare. The coupon doesn’t only entitle you to a seat, but protects holders in case of accident or loss of luggage. Victims of the Eseka train crash who weren’t duly registered, for example, were not considered by the insurance company during payment. Thus, drivers just like passengers should shun overloading.


It takes seconds for an alert and vigilant commuter to avert carnage. Remind the driver to fasten his seat belt. Tap him gently if you discover the driver is nodding on the steering and ask him politely to immobilize the car for a 30-minute or one hour rest. This act would evidently save lives. Adopt the same vigilant attitude when it comes to your bags. Put a mark to differentiate it from other luggage. Glance through the window each time passengers alight from the bus to be sure they don’t consciously or unconsciously make away with your property.


Vigilance also entails you should discreetly monitor your seat mate or other passengers. Commuters have lost much more than valuable items to such people. A nursing mother like her baby dosed off during breastfeeding in the bus. Her neighbour, a man (not her husband), took advantage and began tapping the baby’s breast milk with his mouth. The lady suddenly woke up and raised an alarm in the bus. He began by lying he was thirsty, but after receiving a series of blows from irate passengers, he admitted being a member of an occult group. Don’t also accept food from strangers. Travellers watch out!