The curtains of the 10th Chantal Biya holiday football championship fall this Thursday, 16 August with draws that will mark the start of the Chantal Biya Cup.

Classified in descending order of points after the championship’s 12 day of play, AJEEBI FC (27), Tankou FC (24), Complexe FC (20), Mikop FC (19), Fils Baleng FC (16), Trésor FC (15), Chouguet FC (9) and Association FC (1) will dispute the away-leg quarter finals of the Cup tourney, beginning this Friday.

Stade EEC de Famtchouet in Bafoussam II Subdivision will host the encounters as from 4pm, according to the organizer, Ebenezer Chize Faha, National President of “Association des Jeunes Pour l’Encadrement de la Jeunesse Futur Animation et Développement en Milieu Rural”. At press time Monday, the fixtures were not yet available.