The 14th edition of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo Cycling tour officially kicks-off on Monday January 21, in Gabon. The seven lap tour of some 998km would see the participation of some ten African countries and five cycling (France, Italy and South Africa) clubs from abroad all guning for the final victory. Prominent among title contenders are Rwanda who have amongst their cyclist, last years tour winner Joseph Areruya. Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Erythrea and of course the European clubs are not to be relegated.

Burkina Faso is known for producing very talented and competitive cyclists and Erythrea on their part, have had one of their cyclists participate in one of the world’s best cycling tour thatis the Tour de France with him winning the title of the mountain jersey, Daniel Teklehaimanot in 2015 during the 6th stage of the tour. Cameroonian born Clovis Kamzong will equally have a card to play with the huge experience acquired in different cycling tours. The competition is really going to be tight.

La course en chiffre

90 Coureurs

20 Nationalités

10 Sélections Africaines

5 Equipes Pro-Tour

7 Etapes

998 Km de course

4 Provinces

3 Pays

Participating teams


Burkina Faso


Ivory Coast






Mauritius Island

Professional Teams

Direct Energie (France)

Androni Giocattoli (Italy)

Vital Concept- B&B Hotels (France)

Arkea-Samsic (France)

Pro-Touch (South Africa)

Team Cameroon (SNH Vélo)


TIENTCHEU Michel Boris

TELLA Artuce


NANKO Yanick

KUERE Rodrigue

Les Etapes

Etape 1: 21 janvier

Bongoville – Moanda (100km)

Heure de départ: 12h00

Heure d’arrivé vers: 14h30

Etape: 22 janvier

Franceville – Okondja (170km)

Heure de départ: 10h00

Heure d’arrivé vers: 14h30

Etape 3: 23 janvier

Leconi – Franceville (100Km)

Heure de départ: 9h30

Heure d’arrivé vers: 11h50

Etape 4: 24 janvier

Mitzic – Oyem (120Km)

Heure de départ: 12h30

Heure d’arrivé vers: 15h15

Etape 5: 25 janvier

Bitam – Kyé-Ossi – Mongomo (120)

Heure de départ: 11h30

Heure d’arrivé vers: 14h30

Etape 6

Bitam – Oyem (110Km)

Heure de départ: 9h00

Heure d’arrivé vers: 11h45

Etape 7

Zes de nkok – Libreville (140Km)

Heure de départ: 11h30

Heure d’arrivé vers: 14h30